Summertime Reading for Girls

As another school year winds down, days are filled with final exams and report cards, end-of-year traditions and graduation. Then comes that much need time for rejuvenation and reflection… summer! A time when educators and students alike can relax and lose themselves in a good book — one that doesn’t have a paper or presentation looming at the end of the last page.

As a thought leader in girls’ education, the NCGS Amazon eBookstore features recommended reading lists for educators, students, and parents. NCGS thanks Diana O’Connor, Librarian at Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School for curating this summer’s reading lists for students, which are grouped by grade level. Diana’s selections feature diverse authors and characters, reflecting our global society.

Check out this summer’s lists:

This resource is available to help you identify inspiring selections for your students. In the meantime, I send best wishes for the conclusion of another successful school year, and hope you and your students find the time this summer to relax with a good book!

Megan Murphy, Executive Director, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

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