Residential Therapeutic Schools Improve Teen Behavior, Confidence, Study Says

About 97 percent of teens who attend a private residential therapeutic school show improvement in behavior, communication, confidence, and any emotional problems they were experiencing, according to a study of nine private schools. The study, conducted by independent research company Canyon Research & Consulting Inc., involved 993 students ages 13 to 18 who attended schools […]

Help Your Daughter Accept Boarding School

Many times parents have to make difficult decisions that are in the best interest of their child. Temple University Professor Gabriel D’Amato writes that “some children need to be removed from the home in order to allow for a possible change in behavior and to permit new types of behavior to emerge” (Ref 3). Sending […]

How Boys and Girls Learn Differently

You may be surprised to learn that 80 percent of all high school dropouts are boys. What is more, boys comprise fewer than 50 percent of the current college population. Is this a new phenomenon? Some experts say that traditional industrial education – the “sit down, be quiet and learn” approach – a system in […]

Our Students, Our Schools, Our Future

NCGS engages the power of many voices to strengthen our schools, communities, and world. Now is a time when we need to assert our collective voice—educators, parents, students, alumnae, and supporters—to ensure innovative, vibrant, and safe school environments. We must focus on our commitment to educate and empower students with the skills and confidence to […]

The Extraordinary Relevance of Girls’ Schools: Educating the “Missing Million” and the First Female President

“There has never been a better time to be female.” —Terri McCullough, Director of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, a Clinton Foundation initiative led by former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton I am a product of a girls’ school. The year I graduated, Saturday Night Fever had just come out. As a […]

How Do Girls Learn Best?

As a new school year begins, we’ve been thinking a lot about how girls learn best. In many ways, this question could be answered by describing what girls’ schools do best. This is because girls’ schools are dedicated to championing the educational and developmental needs of girls. So how do girls learn best? Here are […]

The Girls’ School Advantage: Top Ten Reasons to Attend an All-Girls School

The admissions season is coming to a close with families weighing their options. They are pouring over acceptance letters, evaluating financial aid packages, and reviewing for the final time their pros and cons lists comparing different schools. Lists that will help them make the ultimate decision—one that’s led equally by the head and the heart—which […]